Track your Assets with PASS Asset Loan Manager

The software monitors the movement and state of all company property using barcodes  to identify each item. All issues of property or change of staus are recorded and comprehensive reports show the full movement history of each item.

Documents and images can be attached to each item and item specific details can be recorded and displayed.

The system provides fast asset audits with PDAs and multiple reports on the location, owner and current keeper of the items.

Barcode label printing is included and synchronisation of the data collected with the PDA programs with the PC system.

Existing data in spreadsheets can be imported directy into the system with a data matching wizard.

Depreciation is optional for each asset class and report show cost and written down value as well as scheduled disposal dates.

Each item has a unique barcode label. If barcodes are not already on the item they can be printed from within the program with any Windows compatible label printer. The audits and movements are recorded with either fixed or portable scanners. If they are tethered or wireless scanners the movement is recorded immediately. If they are batch portable scanners then the movements are accumulated in the scanner memory and uploaded to the PC at the end of the period.

Various views of the items by category, budget holder, user, location etc provide a full understanding of the state and location of each asset.

Each different item type or asset class is displayed with its own set of details so that an item such as a chair would have style and colour descriptive fields whereas a Laptop would have technical specs such as RAM, HDD etc