PASS Asset Location Manager

A barcode control system that records and tracks company assets and property

Issuing assets to employees

Items are allocated a unique number and barcoded as they are purchased. This unique id is then used to log and scan the issue of the item such as a phone or laptop to the relevant employee. Some item types such as laptops will already have a barcode label on them and this number can be used alongside or instead of the internal barcode id to track the items.

Return of Items

When the employee returns the item to the central store or department this is recorded by scaning the barcode and an electronic signature can also be collected at the same time.


Assessing where all the items are

in some cases the loan of the item will be for a fixed time period in other cases it will be issued as a permanent loan to the employee. Both screen views and reports show which items are due back and the scheduled date for their return. In this way the number of available items held in stock can be reduced to a minimum and the depreciation of the asset register value is kept as low as possibleto suit existing practices

Verifying the asset register

The counting of assets is a laborious process but is made extraordinarily easy with the use of the PASS system using barcodes and a PDA to go round the buildings scanning the unique barcodes in each location. This can then be compared with what should be on the database and the location of assets that have moved from their recorded place can be quickly identified. A full transaction history of each item reveals all movements and locations.

Multiple Sites

The assets can be held in one single database across mutiple sites. The PDAs all connect to this database via a local PC and upload the tracked movement of each item.A licence is only required for entry and alteration of the Asset register. The database is held on a central server and can be viewed by other employees on the web on their local PC without the need for additional licences to be purchased.