Tracking Solutions for Factory, Warehouse and Office

Barcode systems are proven time savers and create safe data. We harness them in our software systems to provide you with safe accurate data capture. Our specialist resellers provide you with full solutions to your problems and use modern barcode printing and reading equipment to talk to the software.

We focus on the following barcode tracking solutions:


PASS Stock for Factory and Warehouse Management

After tracking your production batches the next important tracking function is for the stock going through the warehouse. Tracking the production and throughput of stock is increasingly critical with more and more small and medium size companies offering their products on-line. It is vital to track batches with quality control software and to know exactly what you have got in stock. This enables fast identification of product problems and timely re-ordering so that sales are not lost due to stock-outs. Issue of consumables to departments of staff working from home is also recorded and enables tight control of minimum stock quantities.


Warehouse stock

PASS Locator for Asset tracking and maintenance

Working from home requires assets such as laptops , phones and printers to be outside the company premises and therefore the need to track where all these assets are is also vital. PASS Locator not only keeps track of their location but also schedules maintenance and upgrades in line with company policy so that the financial controllers can easily budget for replacement and repairs according to the date of purchase and anticipated life of the items.


PASS Mailroom for tracking internal mail and parcels

There is a need to manage incoming post of all kinds but particularly parcels due to the significant losses that are incurred when they go missing. PASS Mailroom quickly recovers the cost of the system and tracks every item to its current location providing proof of delivery to the addressee by the mailroom staff. The system tracks the incoming mail when it is collected from the post room or when it is delivered on mail trolleys or vans across multiple sites. Barcode terminals record the receipts and each time an item is moved the movement is recorded quickly and simply with a single scan.

Mailroom parcels

Quality Control in manufacturing

PASS Stock includes a module for recording production runs and quality control tests. I t captures the batch numbers, overs and wastage together with the amount produced.


Benefits of barcode systems

◎    Improved operational management
◎    Low one-off entry cost
◎    Safe and secure
◎    Fast payback

Features of of PASS systems

  • Option to have one central database or multiple local connected databases
  • No licence fees for additional PDAs
  • On line support and training
  • Land based system for added security
  • Microsoft Azure compatible
  • Licence free URL access to specific data reports
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence compatibility enables you to write your own additional reports

Click one of the systems below for more detail!

Inventory Control

  • Stock control
  • Stock taking
  • Goods in and out
  • Issue of consumables
  • Lend and return module for tools and equipment

Asset tracking

  • Office assets
  • Equipment  maintenance
  • Health and safety checks
  • Property maintenance.

Parcel Tracking

  • Mailroom management
  • Tracking incoming mail
  • Recording Outgoing mail
  • Web view of receipt and location.
  • Proof of delivery
  • Multi-site capability

Barcode hardware

Safety features

Covid 19 modules

We have built in social distancing measures and quarantine schedules to all our software

Safety from infection is one of the highest priorities for systems that involve transferring items between personnel in office and warehouse. is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them but we make this easier with automated schedules for collection and delivery of items.

Health & Safety

Within our Locator product, used for tracking assets and testing equipment, we have also built a facility to have a special database for heath and safety checks so that the same software can be used for both purposes.

Stability and support

We offer online and dial in remote support to minimise downtime and effect repairs to your databases should they become corrupted by external actions


Expand your product offering

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