PASS barcode systems

Barcode tracking systems

PASS barcode tracking systems are proven time savers and create safe data. 

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PASS Stock 

Tracking Stock

Details on the PASS Stock system

PASS Locator

Tracking Assets

Details on the PASS Locator system

PASS Mailroom

Tracking Mail

Details on the PASS Mailroom system

PASS Stock control

Fast easy picking with barcodes avoids mistakes

Picking  the wrong product can cause a lot of extra work and expense. A barcode system using a PDA  minimises these mistakes and is also faster to operate. To have a constant up to date idea of what you have in stock over thousands of products you need a system to track product in and out of the warehouse.

Automatic batch tracking from supplier to customer

Tracking the production and  throughput of stock is increasingly critical with more and more small and medium size companies offering their products on-line.  This means tracking both supplier and production stock and identifying  and tracking the batches from supplier through to the customer premises.  

Fast quality  control with detailed histories 

Quality control avoids future problem and pays dividends when its made easy with a barcode system.
PASS Stock control production module enables detailed checks to be recorded quickly with a simple scan of a check barcode.
All quality control records are kept in detailed histories for future reference.

PASS Locator asset tracker

Scheduled replacement = easy budgeting

To maximise the efficent life of an assets and budget for orderly replacement you need to keep track of their lifespan and maintenance. This  keeps you equipment uptodate  and the financial controllers can budget for replacement to keep your department in optimum working condition.

Track all loans and issues to personnel and departments

Keeping track of what equipment  is held by employees is essential to preserve cash flow and avoid buying more items unnecessarily.  Loans and issues of items to  staff members are alway recorded with Locator and this provides reports on what is outstanding and who is using it.

Rapid maintenance logging with auto-scheduling

The maintenance of things like software upgrades and routine cleaning should is automated  by scheduling the checks required. and logging the maintenance carried out.
It also means that critical  upkeep and repairs work can be carried out with minimum disturbance to personnel.  

PASS Mailroom

Prevent losses of incoming mail

Unless you have a structured mail tracking system in place  parcels will go missing sometimes with serious financial impact.  You can quickly recover and justify the cost of a mail tracking system.  

Fast updates of personnel lists 

These systems will cater for any size of site and adapt to either collections from the mail reception area pigeonholes or delivery to destination. The benefit of a barcode system is the speed of entry and tracking .

Easy POD recording and retrieval

Proof of Delivery is recorded automatically.  The recipients of the items are notified  by text or email  on arrival of new mail and collection or delivery signatures are captured with either signature pad or camera.
Free trial for two months
Try the software for a couple of months, adapt it to your system and test it to its limits. We are confident it will give you a quick payback for the small outlay and transform the way you control your asset register. Send us your details and we will give you the link and password to download the software from our download site. We will then help you to understand how it works and at the end of the trial period you can then decide whether to buy the system without losing any settings or data. A blank database and a demo database are included in the trial.
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