Automate and speed up your equipment maintenance!

An equipment maintenance system must have five components.

  1. Settable dates for maintenance of the equipment
  2. The current location of all the equipment
  3. A schedule grouped by by location to enable maintenance to be undertaken on the preset dates
  4. A recordable set of tests and possible results
  5. A method of recording those results

Maintenance Intervals

In PASS Locator each item type can have different criteria and checks assigned to it. For example a check on a PC might record its hard disk capacity and condition of the monitor/keyboard etc whereas the state of an office chair, pressure washer or toolkit will have different criteria. The maintenance intervals are set up by category of item enabling scheduling to take place.

Location monitoring

Every time the item moves the PDA records the new location by scanning the barcode on the item or form sheet. Then when running the maintenance schedule items are listed either by category or by location. This avoids searching for items and overlooking others when the carrying out maintenance.


The barcode maintenance schedule prints the groups of assets and/or locations that you select and will show you which ones need checking together with the test codes.

Testing and entering results

When doing the maintenance the PDA will display the checks that are necessary and the possible results. Variable results can also be entered. Both Checks and Results are displayed as barcodes for easy entry on the PDA

Results reports

The PDA data uploads to the system in either batch mode or real time depending on preference and the wireless signal. You then can run the maintenance report report to check what was done.

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