Make sure you monitor your Health and Safety compliance!
PASS Locator schedules and lists the Health and Safety checks for you!

Health and safety compliance in the workplace

Health and safety compliance in the workplace has become a big issue. It is important to make continual checks to ensure you conform with the regulations. There are many different checks that need to be done regularly. PASS Locator assists this by listing all the checks and providing barcoded check sheets. This assists the checkers to record the checks quickly and accurately. Locator then provides a maintenance record of the checks with date and time.

Listing the items needing checks

You can have the Health and Safety compliance items on a separate database from other maintenance check so that, for example, the personnel running the building maintenance system can have their own database but the health and safety systems team have a separate one all on the same software licence.

locator-h-and-s-items view

Maintenance checks

The scheduling and recording of health and safety compliance checks works in exactly the same way as the asset scheduling and provides details and reports specific to the staff running that database. The checks that you need for each type of item are set up permanently within the system and when you are doing the checking you see what tests need to be done. Here you see an example.


Item History

You record the checks using a PDA or phone. You scan the item code then the check code and the result code and the PDA transmits the data to the database.