Recover your forgotten kit out on loan! Save budget and reassign unused items!

The PASS Locator issue and return system

Issue and return systems keep track of everything you issue to staff. Sometimes this will be long term and sometimes short term loans to employees. In both cases the PASS system records the handover of the kit and, where required, a return date is set. For example a demonstrator might need a sample kit to demonstrate to a customer or borrow a pool car. Select the item or scan it and enter the borrower and number of days the kit is to be out on loan. The record attaches the current date and calculates the date due back. The process of data entry using barcodes ensures that you enter the information correctly and fast. The benefit is that the system can then give instant views of what is out on loan and when things are due back.


There are two significant reports showing what is out on loan. From these you can identify where everything is.

This report shows the items the departments are holding belonging to other departments. It can also be produced by item type or by location. Other reports show the age by item type and notional depreciated value.

The list of items borrowed by each borrower

Outstanding Loans

To identify items that have not been returned you can run a report to enable management to chase them up. If this information is not readily available to management there is a risk of purchasing new kit because no-one knew that the item was already available elsewhere in the organisation.

list of outstanding loans

Item History

This report is useful to identify the usage of an item and, in case of loss, where it could be by looking at the last known locations.

The history of an item

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