PASS inventory management software uses PDAs and barcodes to record stock coming in and going out of the warehouse. There are two products, PASS Storeroom and PASS Stockcheck. Both use barcodes and PDAS and both operate in either batch mode or real time.

  1. Stockcheck: This automates stocktaking and uses PDAs and barcodes for speed and accuracy
  2. Storeroom: This includes stockcheck and also records goods coming into and going out of the warehouse.
Warehouse stock

Counting Stock

The stock count preprinted schedule shows you what you have and where to look, then after the count you then run the variance reports to reconcile theoretical with actual stock. The count is fast and accurate scanning barcodes on products and locations.

You can select a group of locations to count or a category of stock and then produce the precount list that tells you where to look and how much should be there.


Receiving from suppliers and despatching to customers

When you receive the goods you log them in and you can automatically print a barcode as a backup in case the package barcode is not recognised. You then move the goods from the receiving area to their bin location and record the new location with the PDA. On despatch you scan the goods and this removes them from stock, adjusting the quantity and this maintains a permanent up to date inventory.

goods in by date

Low Stock Reorder

The yellow flags in them screenshot above denotes low stock items are. This coupled with the reorder report enables purchasing staff to reorder stock well in advance.

Minimum stock levels


The system also allows you to lend items to customers or staff. This could be samples for testing, tools to repair and maintenance staff


Barcode Equipment

The software for both label printing, PDAs and signature capture pads is free and included in the PC software. The PDAs can be Android or Windows mobile although Microsoft no longer supports Windows PDA communications. The label printers can be any with a Windows driver – Zebra, Cab, Datamax, Epson, TSC and many others


datalogic memor PDAs

Getting your data on the system

No need to worry about the laborious task of getting your data onto the system. PASS systems import your spreadsheets or database to have you up and running straight away. We construct the import templates specifically to integrate Excel worksheets, matching columns to fields. You can also reuse the import template to update the PASS database with new details.

Exporting your data

You can export all your reports to your own system. All the reports have this same header. The Save option enables you to save as an Excel file or pdf. The search option on the right searches through the report just produced. Importing your data


A series of filters defining, recipients, item codes, senders, date range and location parameters enables you to search the reports and view screens in detail for what you are looking for. If the filters still provide too much information then the specific search option will find the exact record you are looking for within the reports taking you to the line entry directly.