Order form in PASS Stock

Ordering sets of goods on the PC

This function creates orders for sets of products, for example a food hamper or a set of tools. It enables the order taker to order a quantity of sets without updating each of the individual products. The advantages of this system are twofold. The stock in the showroom is reduced to a minimum and therefore customer handling of new product is eliminated. Secondly stock management is improved because there is no need to take stock of items in the sales area as there is always only one of each item. When a kit is ordered, the order entry will automatically expand the kit into its component parts, highlighting any stock problems.

The module is an integral part of PASS Stock and can be used in any showroom or product display situation  to enable purchasing without having to physically put the goods in a shopping trolley. Give the customers a PDA during their visit and they can then add the items to their shopping cart by scanning the barcodes on each item they want to buy and then present their completed order at the till for processing and collection from the warehouse.

The stock in the showroom is therefore confined to one of each item and there is then no damage to stock or packaging due to customer handling and inspection. It facilitates  "test and try before you buy" and improves sales and ensures that all goods issued to customers are in pristine condition.


ScreenHunter 575
Stock warnings before acknowledging the order