Picking On line orders

Mistakes are often made when picking online orders where product boxes are similar and easily confused. To address this problem we have created a barcode system that compares the picked products with the stock code of the line item on the order.

When the order is received we scan it and transfer it electronically to an Android pda. The order number and line items are then listed on the pda and the picker goes to the location where the product is to be found. The picker then scans the sku barcode on the location shelf or on the product itself and the pda compares it with the line item from the e-commerce order. If the codes do not match then a warning appears on the PDA. IF they do match then the line item is marked as picked and no further pick can be done for that item.

If there is no barcode on the product, the PDA can print a barcode label with sku and line item description which is then stuck on the location. If there is insufficient stock at the location then the partial pick is recorded and the balance remaining to be picked is shown on the pda.

Picking orders for Royal mail pick and drop is done in the same way. The Royalmail app produces a delivery note and shipping label for the order and we use these to scan and import into the pda app.