Checking the quality of your products

As product moves down a production line through several processes, quality control checks are made before the product moves on to the next process to achieve quality production control and correct problems as they arise. Quality control checks in manufacturing can be done quickly and efficiently using barcodes and we have integrated these into our system. We include quality control management software in our Production module. This PASS module records the creation of the product from the raw material and includes all intermediate process or assembly nodes. At each production stage a set of tests is run. After the production is complete further testing can be recorded like final inspection and sign off, packing or labelling to ensure the finished result is perfect.

Each product whether it is an intermediate stage of product or a finished product can be allocated a series of tests to be carried out before passing the overall quality control check. The test are defined as a series of questions and answers. The tests are then defined as part of the product.

All batches are recorded with their test data, both inherited batches and new additions of supplementary materials. This provides a complete history of the product and in the event of subsequent complaint the reasons for failure can be narrowed down by inspecting the production records.

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