Are you losing inventory through stock shrinkage in the warehouse?

Why is my stock shrinking

Management of stock shrinkage

There will always be shrinkage of stock as products get damaged or lost. There is also the problem of inventory shrinkage where unexplained differences in physical and theoretical stock appear. Managing warehouse shrinkage is a vital part of cost analysis to maintain margins and control pricing. A good stock control program should be able to track at least some of the losses. particularly in respect of damaged or destroyed stock. Shrinkage due to pilferage or mismanagement of the picking and issue system is harder to pin down.

How we help to reduce warehouse shrinkage

In PASS Stock we record the incoming goods with internally generated batch numbers so at least when doing stock takes you will know which batches have gone missing and the date they came into stock. We also use batches in the picking system so that when goods go out of the warehouse we know what batches should be in stock and what has been dispatched to the customer. This enables the analysis of the shrinkage to narrow down the problem. Often it will be issue of stock without a corresponding data record but if you do regular checks then the problems will surface and corrective action can take place.

Stock shrinkage can seriously damage your health Stock shrinkage can seriously damage your profit health

Use barcodes and PDAs to make frequent fast partial stocktakes

Datalogic memor 1 PDA
Datalogic memor 1 PDA

In PASS Stock we use barcodes to enable fast and accurate partial stock checks. We  have reports that highlight stock variances, and others showing sales by product and by customer and  goods by date in summaries. The stock checks can be full or partial – just one bin at a time. The stock take program groups  products or locations and tell the checker how much should be in each bin together with what batch numbers should be in each location.

So if stock shrinkage problems are affecting your business, check out our Stock control system and contact us if you would like a free trial