What does it do?

PASS Storeroom manages warehouse stock control system that records the movement of goods in the warehouse maintaining a continuous up to date inventory. It is very simple to use and shows the warehouse manager the stock levels of all products with warning flags where a particular item is running low. The functions include recording Goods coming in, Despatch, Returns, and stock counts. The stock history system showing you which stock is old and needs to be either discounted or sold quickly and there is full batch traceability to enable product recall or investigation. All the reports can be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis for incorporation into other software such as SAP.

Counting Stock

The stock count preprinted schedule shows you what you have and where to look, then after the count the variance reports are run to reconcile theoretical with actual stock. The count is fast aqnd accurate scanning barcodes on products and locations.


Receive / Despatch

When goods are received they are logged and a barcode is generated as a backup in case the package barcode is not recognised. The goods are then moved from the receiving area to their bin location and the new location si recorded with the PDA. On despatch the goods are scanned again, removing them from theoretical stock and thus a permanent upto date inventory is maintained.


Low Stock Reorder

Low stock items are marked with yellow flags. This coupled with the reorder report enables purchasing staff to reorder stock well in advance.


Items on Loan

The system also allows for items to be lent to customers or staff.