Tracking the incoming mail in colleges and universities

A college mail system is necessary to cope with the incoming mail. Large volumes of mail come into universities and colleges and PASS Mailroom records the internal distribution of all incoming mail . This saves a lot of time trying to find out what happened to an individual parcel or mail item. Addressees receive automatic email advice of mail arrival with collection time slots to enable social distancing. On collection, a PDA records proof of delivery with the built in camera and avoiding any physical contact.

There are many sites in universities and the central system links all sites over an internal private network whilst maintaining the grouping of students on their individual sites. The PASS college mail system adapts to the list of students regularly changes as some graduate and leave and new students arrive. The system updates the changes centrally whilst maintaining archives of previous years in case of loss or dispute over an item. Bulk entry of the annual exit and arrivals updates the database each year , importing from the university lists.