Deliveries to recipients

Get proof of delivery with a portable data terminal!
Don’t let the recipient claim mail was not delivered!

Track every change of location of the packages

Tracking internal packages means keeping track of items from receiving them in the mailroom to delivery to the desk of the addressee.  The tracking path might be from trolley within an office or by van to another building or site then to a delivery trolley. So there are usually multiple movements and recording each one needs to be quick and accurate with the PDA so that anyone interrogating the system can see the location of each item. Even if items are inside a mailbag or van it is still possible to see where they are. The system will show. “on van 1, mailbag 2″, “at reception in B building” “Out for delivery” etc. When eventually the person delivering the mail hands it to the recipient the PDA signature is provides proof of delivery.

Searching for packages

When trying to trace where an item is the transaction history shows a complete record of the progress of that mail item through the system. The search filters narrow the search by incoming carrier or recipient or item type. So to find an item when the recipient phones up and asks where it is surprisingly easy. Because you have logged the arrival date, the recipient and incoming carrier you can search by a date range for a specific recipient and narrow it down to a few parcels. All that you then need to do is see which ones have no POD and where they currently are.

Trolley Deliveries

The mail is first sorted, logged then loaded on the trolley. An additional option is to print a label for the package that can include a barcode of the item if there is no barcode on it already and the name and location of the recipient. This reduces errors when leaving packages at unattended desks. The PDA records proof of delivery either by taking a photo or obtaining a signature from the recipient.

mailroom-trolley-delivery cropped

Mailbags and Vans

In multisite situations the mail needs to sort into destinations as well as recipients. The pile for a destination would then go in a mailbag and then in a van. At the other end on delivery of the mailbag, each item either goes to a pigeonhole awaiting collection or delivered to the addressees. When logging the incoming mail it can go straight into the mailbag or in a pile by destination on the mailroom counter. On transferring that mailbag to the van a single scan of a barcode on the outside of the bag records the transfer and a second scan on delivery to the drop off point at the destination.


Managing multiple sites

A single screen will display all the sites and expanded to show the nested locations within the site. All terminals are able to see the same database (password protected) and mail recipients can also see a restricted view of their mail online. They are unable to change anything but can see what is coming in and where it is.