does it do?

This is a low cost stock counting system that uses PDAs and barcodes to quickly count what you have in stock. You can carry out full stock counts or partial stock counts, where you count part of the stock, for example a specific category, or want to do a complete stocktake but over several days. The data that you collect on the PDA, scanning the barcodes on the shelves and products, ss then transferred to the PC and reports can then be run showing the value of the stock and the item quantities. This can then be exported to a variety of file types for incorporating in your accounts packages. The advantage of counting with the PDA is that it is fast. The advantage of using barcodes is that they are very accurate compared with typing in product codes manually.

Counting Stock

The stock count preprinted schedule shows you what you have and where to look, then after the count the variance reports are run to reconcile theoretical with actual stock. The count is fast and accurate scanning barcodes on products and locations.


Quantity Variances reporting

Physical stock is compared with a list of stock generated by the system complete with barcodes. The count is then transferred to the system and variance reports can then be run. .


Low Stock Reorder

Low stock items are marked with yellow flags. This coupled with the reorder report enables purchasing staff to reorder stock well in advance.


Easy reconciliation

When all is complete the stock reconciliation program is used to update the stock records.Notice that we have done a partial stock check and many items are not counted. This will show up in two other reports- Items not Checked and Items checked but not on File. This means that the count can be done in bits over a number of days and recounts are quick to correct. If it is difficult to get barcodes on the stok locations a separate location barcode a4 sheet can be printed for those areas. For example a floor area.