Our Products

We offer three products for tracking systems with barcodes that can be configured to solve many different problems. They are all branded PASS.

PASS Locator

For Asset tracking and maintenance. This uses a label printer to print  barcode labels and a PDA to register their location and condition at scheduled intervals. It can be used for many tracking applications such as issue and return of files, tools ,patient records, samples and many more. click for details

PASS Mailroom

For mailroom management. This tracks the location and delivery of incoming parcels, and internal mail and documents. The system can be configured for collections from the postroom or delivery to the desks of the addressees or to their remote site. more details

PASS Storeroom

for warehouse management. This system can be used either for small storeroom management logging goods in and out or for larger warehouses with more complex requirements like stocktaking and re-ordering. The PDAs are used for mobile scanning of the goods and locations and signature capture for despatched items. more details

System Specification for all PASS products

All three products are for Windows 10 and use Android PDAs. The minimum spec for installation on the host PC is 1gb HDD with 4mb RAM but the storage space depends on the number of items required to be stored.


Installation covers the installation of the PC software and the PDA software. We then connect the PDA and run data tests to ensure everything works smoothly.


Training is done on line with either Zoom or Teams and sessions usually take around 1 hour. We can assist with importing exiting data from spreadsheets during the training so that you are trained on a fully working database.


Email support covers  initial ‘how to’ questions. Where there is a problem to fix we dial in remotely and fix it for you. Support fees are charged annually.