Various options are available to ease the tracking of items with Covid in mind.

Photo POD replace signatures

You can take a picture of the person / location / parcel to verify the parcel has been delivered, to replace the need to collect a signature, this way items can be collected/delivered while maintaining the social distancing needed. If the office uses its own delivery van then the parcel is either signed for by the recipient then the driver takes a photo PDA or leaves it somewhere safe at a prearranged place with a photo taken of the location. The date on the photo and the photo itself is sent to the central database as Proof of Delivery.

Home workers package tracking

There are many large carrier systems that have barcode forms accompanying the parcel but the smaller ones do not. For small companies with most employees now working from home the employees need to send and receive documents and parcels, some of which need tracking.

Sending from Home to Office

The home sender enters the item on the company intranet web page which then generates the tracking number and the senders location. The tracking number is then handwritten on the parcel. No hardware required. On receipt at the office the tracking number is retrieved from the database and PASS Mailroom internal delivery system takes over with email advice to the recipient.

Receiving from Office

When packages are received they are put in a quarantine location and logged on the system. The system records the date and time received and adds a preset release time.

Office packages quarantine release

An email is generated to the addressee informing of the arrival time and release time. The release time is time slotted so as to avoid too many people all collecting at the same time. If the time slot is not possible then a new time slot can be agreed/issued.