System overview

The PASS Mailroom tracking system tracks your inbound mail distribution to prevent the loss of packages after you receive them. When the parcels come in the PC logs them onto the system and gives them an unique identity. This ID is in the shape of a barcode label that the PC prints off automatically. Often the incoming parcels will have a barcode already on them and you can use this instead of your internal code or together with it. After logging the receipt you then move the parcel to its collection location or on to the post trolley or company van and record the movement to provide full traceability in the event of loss.

Distribution of the mail to remote sites

Tracking parcels involves recording the delivery of the mail to a building and then to the office and desk of the recipient . The tracking points occur on movement from post-room to van,  and van to remote site, and then on to the office and desk or reception area.. When the package reaches its final destination a PDA records the delivery together with a photo or signature of the recipient. At this point you may think that all the intermediary steps between sites cause extra work. However what actually happens is that the mail is in a mailbag and a single scan of the mailbag records delivery of all the contents of the bag at the remote destination.

Collection of the mail from a mailroom

This configuration is particularly suitable for colleges and schools with hundreds of students. Its impossible to deliver the mail so a collection system is necessary with email advice to the student when mail arrives. This also means that the students do not have to check the mailroom to see if they have mail because when the system logs in the package it automatically generates the email advice. The other advantage of this system for students is that the database updates to each new intake every year with a simple import of the new list taking only a couple of minutes.


The system is very flexible and you can configure it to work with as few or as many tracking procedures as you think necessary for your current operation. You can configure it either as a collection system where the addressees collect from the postroom or as a delivery system where you deliver the mail to desk or remote site or a mixture of both.