PASS System requirements and specification

Windows 10 software. Install minimum 1 gb HDD space.
Access or Sql database.
Android PDA communications. Wireless or batch. GPRS
Barcode printing and label setup
Database: Microsoft Access or SQL server 2012 /2014/2016/2019
Database topographies:  Central remote server with multiple local clients or single local database. Land based .
Multiple databases can be set up within the same PC licence
Cloud based reports via web server on windows with vpn and database on same computer as the web server
Microsoft Azure  business intelligence compatible
Data export from all reports
Bespoke reports  to order
Software licencing is per PC
PDA licencing is include with the software licence and unlimited. All PDAs can be used with all PCs

Exporting your data

All your reports can be exported to your own system. All the reports have this same header. The Save option enables you to save as an Excel file or pdf. The search option on the right searches through the report just produced.

Importing your data

Your existing or revised data can be imported from a spreadsheet or csv file. The Locator import templates are specifically written to integrate Excel worksheets and once set up matching columns to fields. The import process can be reused to update the Locator database with new details.

Searching your data

A series of filters defining, owners, item codes, senders, date range, location etc. etc.  enable you to refine the reports narrowly. If the filters still provide too much information then the search option will find the exact record you are looking for within the reports taking you to the line entry directly.