PDA, Phone or Scanner?

The main brands of PDA are

They all do similar jobs and you can select by price for the simplest applications or by functionality where you may need models with a gun type of action rather than the standard Phone type of format. Most of them have cameras so there is no need to buy a separate signature pad but they do cost more than wireless guns and signature pads combined price. For first time users we recommend the Datalogic Memor 1 or Memor 10 because this company offers a very good 5 year service deal and in the event that one is broken the replacement is fast and efficient in mission critical applications.

Android PDas have now replaced Window PDAs and we have developed a specific communication software module to ensure fast transmission and update to the  PASS applications. You can use your Android phone linked by Bluetooth to a small wearable scanner such as the proglove which fits neatly round the hand and is very rugged.

If you do not need portability and can scan everything at or near your PC then you can consider a tethered or wireless scanner for some operations. In instances where all you are doing is issuing or receiving items at the PC then these scanners are a lot less expensive. They are not suitable for asset auditing or stock taking where you need to go to the location of the item to be scanned.

There is a wide range of PDAs to choose from. They vary in price from around £500 to £1500. Our hardware reseller specialists will advise you but the criteria you need to consider before buying are the following in no particular order of importance.

  • How many do I need for the application and what is my budget? You should allow for one spare while another is off for repair.
  • Do I need Wireless or GPS connectivity and is my signal good enough where it will be used?
  • Do I need to scan peoples RFID badges (RFID is similar to a chip on a credit card) or will barcodes be enough?
  • If the usage is going to be very low can I make do with a phone and connected bluetooth scanner?
  • Assuming it will do a full shift do I need extra units for the night shift while the other ones recharge?
  • Do I need a long range scanner to read barcodes at a distance?
  • Do I need to use in a vehicle with a vehicle adapter?
  • Do i prefer the gun style or the phone style?