Capturing signatures

signature capture hardware

There are two ways to capture signatures electronically depending on whether the mail is collected or delivered. YOu can capture it with a signature pad on the left above or with a PDA signature on the right. You can also use the PDA camera to record the delivery which many companies now prefer as there is less risk of Covid infection. The camera is also used where items are dropped off at homeworkers houses when the owner is out.


A signature pad is connected to the PC at the point of collection in the post room. The Delivery routine is run on the PC and the recipient signs the pad. The date and time and signature is recorded


The signature is collected at the point of delivery with a PDA and then transferred to the main database via the local terminal.

proof of delivery

Proof of delivery

The signature and details of the item are shown in the main views of the item and can also be printed as a report for emailing or inspection.