Factory and Warehouse


Schools - Locator for issue and return of equipment - games, musical instruments. Confiscations. Storeroom for eduction students about inventory control. In this configuration the demo systems are regularly and automatically reinstalled every month and databases refreshed . There is no need for external IT intervention.

Mailroom is used for students parcels and Storeroom for issue of consumables



PASS Locator covers a lot of issue and return situations from Operating Theatres to Laundry to bed occupancy.

Storeroom is used by clinics to log the consumption of non reusable items and the issue and return or reusable ones.

Small barcode printers take up very little room and often tethered scanners are used in place of PDAS where there is no need for portability.

PASS Storeroom is used for Stock control of the inventory and also for the issue and return of non stock items like tools.

PASS Locator is used for machinery and property maintenance and schedules the maintenance at regular intervals so that everything is always up to date. It is also used for health and safety checks using the records as evidence of proper maintenance in the event of problems.

PASS Locator is used to audit the assets, records their lifespans and identify when replacements are due. Where maintenance is necessary then any maintenance done is recorded giving a picture of the life of the asset and its current written down value.

The product is also used for health and safety checks on equipment and building safety and sanitation. The PDAs record the scheduled checks and a complete history is kept on record in the system.