Take the pain out of time consuming asset audits!

The asset audit process

The audit process is where you record the condition and location of all  company property including computers and office machinery, furniture, factory machinery, phones and anything listed as an asset in the company accounts. PASS Asset Locator does this using barcode labels and portable barcode scanners (PDA). If there is already an asset register on a spreadsheet then Locator will import it directly. The assets then acquire unique ids from the system and after applying barcode labels the PDA can then record their location. Thereafter the PDA is used to record each change of asset owner, location or condition thus keeping  the assets details  always up to date.

Asset details and records

An asset record can contain documents and images for instant viewing on screen. Each item type can have different criteria and checks assigned to it. For example a check on a PC might record its hard disk capacity and condition of the monitor/keyboard etc whereas the state of an office chair, pressure washer or toolkit will have different types of entry. Everything you need to know about an individual type of asset can be added as a separate field to its display.

How you view the assets

  • The left panel displays the list of items. Selecting one of them  displays their details on the right panel.
  • Accompanying documents and images attach to each items record in the right top window.
  • Each item type has its own category which governs its description field and its maintenance needs.
  • Maintenance intervals and audit intervals are specific to each item type. Audit and maintenance details that have been carried out are updated in the right panel as they occur.
  • PDAs transfer data either in batches manually or real time depending on the Wireless signal.

Different Views of your data give you a complete picture

There are many views of the data:

  • View 1 shows the Items classified by department or owner
  • View 2 shows them sorted by user/staff member.
  • View 3 shows the items grouped into item types.
  • View 4 opposite shows them by Location
4 views of assets