PASS barcode systems

Reliable loan control - Manage and relax with barcode loan tracking

Automated loan control to quickly identify what is out on loan saves cash flow and management time. The PASS Locator issue and return system keeps track of everything you issue  from factory, warehouse or office. Sometimes this will be long term and sometimes a short loan. In both cases the handover of the item is recorded and you can set a date for return as an option. 

Examples of this are issue of tools to engineers, issue of demo kit to salesmen, loans to customers, and samples on loan. For example a demonstrator might need a sample kit to demonstrate to a customer or the company regularly issues set of tools to its maintenance team for return the same day. The item or group of items is selected or scanned and the software records the borrower and date. 

The process of data entry with barcodes ensures that the information is entered correctly and fast. The benefit is that the system can then give instant views of what is out on loan and when things are due back. You have complete insight into where everything is and when it is due back and this enables you to continually assess at a glance how much loan stock you need to carry.

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How it works

The items can be issued at a workstation or with a PDA

Seetin the date loans are due back
When issuing items, you enter the date due back and then reports show what is outstanding.
signature pad for POD
The signature pad connects to the local workstation to record the signature of the borrower
PDA captures POD
Alternatively PDAs can be used to issue the items and collect the signature which is sometimes necessary in situations where the item cannot be brought to the workstation.

Your reports show the items in use , the items outstanding and their history

List items borrowed
The items out on loan are listed by borrower 
Listing loans overdue
This report is run mainly to identify items that have not been returned to enable management to chase them up. If this information is not readily available new kit might be purchased because no-one knew that the item was already available elsewhere in the organisation.
History of loans
The transaction histories identify everything that affects a particular item, location or user.
Free trial for two months
Try the software for a couple of months, adapt it to your system and test it to its limits. We are confident it will give you a quick payback for the small outlay and transform the way you control your asset register. Send us your details and we will give you the link and password to download the software from our download site. We will then help you to understand how it works and at the end of the trial period you can then decide whether to buy the system without losing any settings or data. A blank database and a demo database are included in the trial.
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