• Fast recording receipt of incoming items
  • Automatic email advice of mail arrival
  • Electronic signatures for collected and/or delivered mail
  • Automated barcode labelling if there is no barcode on the item
  • Multiple sites combined to central database
  • Instant local or cloud based reports
  • Covid-19 Quarantining and parcel release
  • Covid-19 Social distance parcel collections


Mailroom is an internal mail tracking system, a parcel tracking system, a file tracking system and a document tracking system all in one. It logs incoming mail and outgoing mail and delivers it with proof of delivery using PDAs and barcodes. Companies, universities, colleges, the NHS and local government institutions use it. The mailroom software is multi-user and is suitable for use across multiple sites. Package tracking systems vary from company to company depending on the office block or site logistics. The parcel tracking software deals with all situations whether addressees collect their mail from post-rooms or mail trolleys, vans, or external carriers deliver it.


At the central post-room the mail acquires barcode, if it doesn’t have one already, and is then pigeonholed for collection or sorted in bundles for delivery by mail carts. Portable data capture terminals are used to capture signatures for proof of delivery and these then form part of the record for that item making it easy to track its movements in the event of loss. Companies will tend to use delivery systems with mail carts whereas educational establishments tend to use collection systems with pigeonholes in the post room. PASS Mailroom handles both.


The PASS parcel tracking system is for Windows 7 and 10 and uses Android and Windows mobile PDAs to track the mail. Thermal printers such as Zebra, Honeywell, Cab and Dymo print the barcodes using our own integrated software.

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