Working from home is a challenge. Whereas formerly someone delivered files ,documents and packages to your desk it suddenly becomes necessary to either wait for mail to arrive at your home or find out what has arrived at the office so you can go and collect it. In most cases you can scan or email documents but often you need the physical document. So to avoid unnecessary phone calls, emails and trips to the office the mail system needs to keep a log of everything arriving at your pigeonhole or desk and then send you an email notifying you of the arrival. But this involves a lot of work for the mailroom staff recording every piece of paper that comes in. It is much easier if the sender can generate the action on the system. Then when the courier collects and delivers to the mailroom all that needs doing is to scan the item and put it in the pigeonhole, with an automatic email advice to the recipient. In this way it does not matter where the sender is as long as he/she has access to the system and can log the sending of the mail . Conceptually this would mean a huge number of software licences for everyone to do this but we have got round this one in PASS Mailroom by enabling a web module that allows anyone to log an item on the system and also view items waiting to be collected. There is no need for any personal data to be shown as this is all stored on the terrestrial database and the sender has no access to this.